Gaston Oguin Fairfield Iowa Tango Workshops Sept. 1-15

  Gaston will be in Fairfield for 2 Weekend Workshops: #1: Sept 2-4,  Fri-Sun -  Labor Day Weekend #2: Sept 9-11, Fri-Sun (Email to register, specify weekend & you'll recieve payment info via email.) Gaston Enrique Olguin is a professional Tango dancer & teacher who performs & leads workshops in Paris, Berlin, Rome, London, New York, Miami, Buenos Aires & now Fairfield, IA! Weeknight Classes: Mon Sept 5 - Thurs Sept 8  Mon Sept 12-Weds Sept 14  All events at HFI Creativity Lab 408 W. Lowe, Fairfield IA 52556 Gaston's extensive training in ballet as well as Tango, combined with his deep understanding of body mechanics, forms the basis of his refreshing approach to teaching Tango:   "It is important that we can connect with ourselves before giving ourselves completely to the magical connection that exists between two people ." No matter what level you are currently at, Gaston's works